7 Day "Immunity Boost" Milk Kefir Detox

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7 Day "Immunity Boost" Milk Kefir Detox

Do you fall sick easily? Experience sensitive skin and flare ups of eczema? Plagued with issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, ulcers and other gastrointestinal illnesses?

Drinking milk kefir consistently may help*. In addition, milk kefir is 99% lactose-free. Kefir can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. 

Boost your immune system by recharging your body with the goodness of original whole milk kefir, packed with organic acids, beneficial yeasts and up to 60 strains of probiotic bacteria, calcium, antioxidants! 

To kick start your own Immunity Booster detox, follow our plan below. Potential weight loss is unintended and may be possible. Before starting any detox program, please consult your doctor to find out if there are any issues that would affect your participation. 

As a note, our liver is the body's detox machine that works regardless of what we eat or do not eat. Consuming probiotic Milk Kefir merely makes this process more efficient. 

Here's our plan:

Start your day off by taking one bottle of original milk kefir in the morning on an empty stomach. You may mix a handful of nuts and fruit with your Kefir bowl. Milk Kefir is nutritious and should leave you sated until lunch. Have a lunch with a veggie and protein bowl or salad (sans sweet dressings) and in the mid afternoon, take another bottle of milk kefir. For dinner, enjoy a meal low in carbs. Soup is recommended. Hydrate throughout the day by consuming a cup of water every other hour.

Experiences vary for individuals. Most people take on average 2 weeks to experience positive benefits. Buy 2 sets and enjoy FREE DELIVERY! Our brews may be stored in the fridge for 2-3 weeks if stored cold at 2-4 degree celsius.

You May Feel: 

  • Refreshed and mentally-alert (elimination of brain fog)
  • Great with Better and regular bowel movements
  • Well-rested with Better Sleep
  • Amazing with the relief of eczema-related itch and symptoms
  • Awesome with less cravings for unhealthy foods

Original Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir is a fermented milk drink which originated from the north Caucasus Mountains. It tastes like your regular Greek Yogurt but has 20-30x more strains of probiotic bacteria and yeasts.

Ingredients: Milk, Milk Kefir cultures

Nutri-Grade: C (0% sugar, 2.6% sat. fats)

Contents: 15 x 250 ml Original Whole Milk Kefir

Suggested Consumption:

250 ml, twice a day for 2 weeks. Do not consume processed foods. Consume carbohydrates sparingly. 

As products are raw, Best By Dates are entirely dependent on how raw Kefirs are stored post delivery. Please see guide below:

  • Up to 4 days in 8-10 degC fridge
  • Up to 1 week in a 5-7 degC fridge
  • Up to 2 weeks at 2-4 degC fridge
  • Do not store brews in wine chillers as the average temperature is around 10-15 degC.

Our brews are intentionally prepared fresh and flat. Due to the nature of raw bacteria and yeasts, natural carbonation may be produced, even when stored in the fridge. Open all bottles cold, do not shake violently as contents may overflow. If gas buildup occurs (distended caps), please place in a plastic bag and open with caution. Brews are safe to consume even when fizzy.

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*Pls note that information provided by Craft & Culture is not intended to treat or diagnose physical medical conditions. In the event that any adverse reactions occur, please exercise good judgement and decide if medical attention is required.

Disclaimer: All experimental benefits listed can vary from person to person. Our products are helpful for many but may have no effect on some.

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