All about Soy-Miso, Tamari, Soy Sauce, Natto & Tempeh Master Class Workshop

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All about Soy - Miso, Tamari, Soy Sauce, Natto & Tempeh Master Class Workshop (4 hours)

Soy beans, an integral ingredient of Asian cuisine, is the ultimate umami powerhouse!

Write up about Soy:

Experimental Benefits of Soy (from published sources):

  1. Helps with Digestion
  2. Reduces Inflammation
  3. Promotes Healing and Recovery
  4. Helps with IBS, ulcers, Crohn's disease
  5. Muscle soreness
  6. May help with fighting cancer

In this 4 hour workshop, you'll learn to make the fermented soy, 4 ways using 4 different types of cultures! (4-4-4)

  • Tempeh (using Rhizopus oryzae Ragi)
  • Natto (using Bacillus subtilis var. natto)
  • Miso & Tamari (using Aspergillus oryzae Koji) 
  • Soy Sauce (using Aspergillus sojae Koji)

TEMPEH (2-3 days)

NATTO: (1-2 days)

MISO & TAMARI: (1-3 months)

SOY SAUCE: (6 months-1yr)


  • Introduction
  • Background of probiotics and fermented foods and basic biology of how it maintains the gut biome
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Practical Uses and applications of ferments
  • Ingredients & Selection
  • Containers and tools
  • Fermentation steps and process
  • Tips and tricks to ensure success
  • Q&A


    A Handy Instruction and Recipe Guide for you to replicate your fermentation, raw materials and containers for you to create your own ferments and take home!

    Workshop Policy (Please READ full terms before purchasing):

    • Products shown in image may vary from actual products in the class depending on availability of raw materials. 

    • Light cleaning and washing will be done by participant.

    • Participants have to bring their own bags to bring their ferments home. Bags will not be provided.

    • Should there be any unforeseen circumstances resulting in cancellation of the workshop by Craft & Culture, participants will be informed via text massages/email. Participants may choose to get a refund in full/use store credit.

    • Cancellations: There will strictly be no refunds made after purchase once class date is finalized; store credit is available upon conditions met. Should you require further assistance, pls email us at

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