[Seasonal - Sold Out] Tempeh, Three ways - Soy, Chickpea and Red Bean

[Seasonal - Sold Out] Tempeh, Three ways - Soy, Chickpea and Red Bean

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***Sold out for now-thank you! We will aim to complete the fermentation soonest. If brews are ordered, they will be fulfilled in one sitting together when tempeh is ready***

White mould fibers connecting soy beans together
Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian soy product made from fermented soybeans using rhizopus oligosporus mould. It became increasingly popular due to its delicious nutty profile and high protein content. It also has a firm and earthy flavour, which increases in intensity as it ripens.
We love it especially sliced thin and fried into chips, or cubs in a lemongrass-sambal stir-fry. See some recipes below!

Famed chef David Chang of Momofuku describes it best: 
"Microbes produce enzymes, enzymes develop amino acids, glutamic acid + aspartic acid = umami, umami = delicious."

How is Craft & Culture's tempeh different?

Our tempeh is made in small batches by hand, by the same folks who brew your favorite Kombuchas and Kefirs! 

It will be super umami and have a nutty flavour due to the raw bacteria and mould used in it's fermentation! It's definitely nuttier and is more flavourful than the mass produced variety and we love it! Try it to taste the difference.

Whats unique is that we have 3 different versions: soy beans, chickpeas (garbanzo) and adzuki (red) beans and the latter 2 are not sold made/sold typically!

Benefits of Tempeh:

Yummy Recipes include:

Ingredients: Organic Beans, Tempeh cultures


400g (Different flavours in drop down menu) and a sampler pack of 3.

Will arrive in a plastic sleeve, shape may be cylindrical  or as a flat block. 


White or cream coloured mould connecting the beans together in a cake. May have patches of black mould, May have hints of ammonia smell--This is normal.


Store in the fridge. See package for best by date.


Via Courier Service on our weekly delivery day
If Brews are ordered, they will be fulfilled together in one sitting.

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