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Miso is fermented by a mould called Aspergillus oryzae, which breaks down the proteins in soy into flavourful amino acids. 

Miso is ubiquitous in Japanese cooking, and presents most frequently in a nourishing soup, laced with scallions and delicate squares of silken tofu. It's also super healthy, hearty and comforting too!

Besides soup, it is also an umami powerhouse and can be used as a marinade, sauce, fermentation medium (in pickles)

Famed chef David Chang of Momofuku describes it best: 
"Microbes produce enzymes, enzymes develop amino acids, glutamic acid + aspartic acid = umami, umami = delicious."

How is Craft & Culture's miso different?

Our miso is made in very small batches by hand, by the same folks who brew your favorite Kombuchas and Kefirs! 

It will be slightly runny and have a distinct sweet scent due to the koji used in it's fermentation. The texture is velvety and mousse-like as it’s raw and alive. 

Benefits of Miso:

Yummy Recipe(s) include:

Ingredients: Soybeans, Rice Koji, Salt

Size: 450g in a glass jar 


Between yellow to light brown, slightly runny paste with chunks of beans. Will thicken as moisture is lost and will age into a darker colour with time. 

May have a brown liquid pooled over the surface; this is tamari and may be used as wheat-free soy sauce substitute.


Store in the fridge. May be kept for up to 1 year. See package for best by date.


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If Brews are ordered, they will be fulfilled together in one sitting.

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