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Discover SG feature on Craft & Culture
7 December 2018
Discover SG "My Toilet Routine Became Clockwork" - What Drinking Kombucha Every Day For A Week Does To Your Body"

Business Times Logo

12 November 2018 The Business Times "Food For The Heart-Three local wellness food makers are committed to improving the health of their customers" - Premium Article featuring Craft & Culture's beginnings

Craft & Culture Mention on Michelin Guide

9 November 2018 Michelin Guide "Kombucha: The March To Mainstream"

12 September 2018 Yahoo News "2 S'poreans Are Brewing Up A Storm With Kombucha And Kefir - Sells Thousands Of Bottles A Month"

Vulcan Post Feature on Craft & Culture

12 September 2018 Vulcan Post "2 S'poreans Are Brewing Up A Storm With Kombucha And Kefir - Sells Thousands Of Bottles A Month"

Craft & Culture Feature by Straits Times Singapore

27 March 2018 The Straits Times "6 fermented foods to add to your diet and why they are good for your gut"

Her World Singapore Logo

15 March 2018 and March 2018 Print Issue Her World Singapore "Six types of fermented foods you should be eating"

Shape Magazine Interview of Craft & Culture Singapore Probiotics Kombucha Kefir

1 March 2018 Shape Magazine Singapore "I Drank Kombucha Every Day for Two Weeks and My Digestive Problems Disappeared"

Her World Singapore Logo

21 Feb 2018 Her World Singapore "Review: We tried this Fermented Beverage that claims to promote Glowing Skin and Reduce Bloating--Is this concoction of sweet tea worth the sip?"

20 Jan 2018 Lianhe ZaoBao "标榜有益健康 发酵饮料本地走红" / "Featuring Healthy Benefits, Fermented Drinks Gain Overwhelming Popularity in Singapore"

Notable Collaborations & Partners:


Sept 6, 14 2018 "Craft & Culture X Disney + Lucasfilms"

Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore  

August 30 2018 "Craft & Culture X BOS"

 mahota      DBS Regatta 2018  

May 26-27, June 2-3 2018 "DBS Regatta x Mahota x Craft & Culture"
Craft & Culture is proud to partner with Mahota Singapore and DBS for the 2018 DBS Regatta in the DBS Creator's Market. 

Cartier Womens Awards

April 26 2018 "Cartier Womens Initiative Awards 2018"
Craft & Culture is honoured to be part of the Cartier Womens Initiative Awards 2018! As female business owners, we hope to be able to make a difference in women initiatives. Thank you for affirming what we believe in--Trust your gut, feel amazing.

April 18-May 6 2018 "Accessories Runway"
Craft & Culture is proud to be a featured vendor at Takashimaya's Health and Beauty Pop-up for their 25th anniversary in Singapore.

Fresh Logo
January 2018 "Craft & Culture SG X FRESH Inc Collaboration"
Craft & Culture partnered with Fresh Beauty Singapore (a LVMH-owned company) to create a custom-blended flavour for the launch of their Kombucha Black Tea Line. Kits of our brews were sent to the press and social media influencers. A custom bar on tap was installed for kombucha dispensing at the launch event at Como, Dempsey Hill and various popups were held at Fresh Boutiques at ION Mall and Raffles City Mall in Singapore. The custom-blended Kombucha received rave reviews from the press, influencers and public.



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