Craft & Culture was started after Zhiwei and Winnie discovered a mutual love for fermentation on a business trip. In Singapore, they couldn’t wait to start experimenting with more flavors and brewing together.

A Vision for Quality and Excellence

While commercial brands pasteurize their cultures, Craft & Culture offers raw products made in small batches by hand. This makes Craft & Culture’s products a premier choice for people seeking to eat healthier, feel better and get relief from various health problems. In addition, Craft & Culture’s probiotic products offer a boost for immune systems that parents and children alike can enjoy.

As they started experimenting and researching, they also found out that topical probiotics are also highly effective on skin irritations and ailments. After a year's worth of effort, they successfully expanded into probiotic skin care as well!  

Delicious, Healthy + Seasonal Products

By brewing with love in small batches, they are able to keep our brews as consistent as possible. As each and every product is cultured with live and happy bacteria, slight differences in color and taste may be observed.

We also have rotating seasonal flavours all the time and it's exciting for our customers to see what we come up with next!

How Craft & Culture is Different and Why they are Singapore's #1 Brand for Kombuchas and Kefirs

Experience is Key! With over 20 years of fermentation experience and a background in medical science and organic chemistry, Craft & Culture's products are fermented in conditions that promote optimum probiotic bacteria growth. 

This means that contrary to some brands, Craft & Culture's:

  • kombuchas will always have some sugar (5% BV) -- We do not approve of sugarless kombucha (as it's basically yeast water with minimal thriving probiotic bacteria)
  • kombuchas are extremely slow ferment (1-3 months)--so you get layers of flavour and other beneficial compounds like glucosamine in our first fermentation
  • kombuchas are freshly made and flat (for our second fermentation)--and our shelf life is about 4-6 weeks, never 3 months to 2 years. (If you prefer fizzy kombucha, please see here or here!)
  • kombuchas are Potent -- Our 250 ml bottle = 750 ml commercial grocery brands
  • Kefirs are specially cultivated and contain kefir strains from tibet, australia, japan and the united states!
  • Kefirs are well-balanced and sometimes get carbonated (it's a unicorn).

The results are delectable products that customers in Singapore love and support!



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