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Been having our brews and it's made a huge difference? Great Health rocks! Save the hassle of ordering and let us do the rest by joining our low commitment subscription service! 


  • Join anytime, Cancellations and Edits allowed after the third order!***
  • Enjoy 10% off all orders from the get go!
  • You choose the frequency of orders, Every 1/2/3/4 weeks etc
  • Edit your subscription with ease in your personal account after the third order
    • Switch products
    • add products


Pls read and accept all Terms before starting a subscription: 

  • Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of first subscription order. Once the first order is fulfilled, a lock in of 3 orders minimum applies.
  • ***All edits to existing orders can only be made after the third order as there is a system lock in, even if  you see the changes reflected in your user account. 
    For any changes before the third order, kindly whatsapp us so we can update for you***
  • Rescheduling to the following week is allowed after an order is placed AND before group delivery day only. We are unable to accommodate last minute requests once our courier has left / delivered your order.
  • Promo codes and loyalty point redemptions cannot be applied towards subscriptions, and are applicable for ala carte orders only
  • Subscriptions rates are for ongoing orders and active orders only:
    • Subscriptions that are skipped more than twice (two intervals) will automatically revert back to all active orders.
    • Subscriptions that are paused / skipped indefinitely will be cancelled by our system.

All charges for recurring subscription orders will be charged on a Monday evening the week of the scheduled order.

subscription 1

  1. Click on the "Subscribe and Save button" on each product page
  2. Select the weekly interval (1/2/3/4 weeks)
  3. Select the item quantity
  4. Add to cart
    Craft Culture Subscription 2
  5. Ensure that all items in the cart are subscription items only; do not add ala carte items
  6. Visit checkout page, select Delivery or Pickup and the timings
  7. Checkout per normal!

How to Use

  • A personal account is required. 
  • To add products to an existing subscription, log into your account, go to the product page, make sure the time intervals are the same, and click "ADD TO EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION". If add to existing subscription is not clicked, that means that a new subscription will be created.
  • To swap products, log into your account, click on "MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS", then "SWAP PRODUCT" and select the item you'll like to swap with


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