About Craft & Culture

We are a Proudly Singaporean-Owned and women-owned Brewery, specializing in fermented products like Kombucha, Milk Kefir, Water Kefir as well as Natural Probiotic Skin Care for glowing skin. with over 15 years of brewing know-how, microbiology and medical research experience, it's no wonder our products are highly sought-after. We produce the tastiest brews in Singapore by Reviews!

We are the First to Offer Flavoured Kombuchas & Kefir Brews in Singapore! 

We love simple, unpretentious flavours that highlight the pure flavour of our quality brews.

Our Brews are Flavourful and Potent and our Kombucha will Always contain a litte sugar

Freshness = Brightness + Our small but potent serving means you reap the Full benefits of a high probiotic count + We always put a little sugar so that our bacteria are well-fed and healthy!

Take Classes with us at The Fermentory!

Besides Kombucha and Kefir, learn how to make your own tasty ferments at our Fermentation Workshops!



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