About Craft & Culture

We are a Proudly Singaporean-Owned and women-owned Brewery, specializing in fermented products like Kombucha, Milk Kefir, Water Kefir as well as Natural Probiotic Skin Care for glowing skin. with over 15 years of brewing know-how, microbiology and medical research experience, it's no wonder our products are highly sought-after. We produce the tastiest brews in Singapore by Reviews!

We are the First to Offer Flavoured Kombuchas & Kefir Brews in Singapore! 

We love simple, unpretentious flavours that highlight the pure flavour of our quality brews.

Our Brews are made Fresh, Never Diluted and our Kombucha will Always contain a litte sugar

Freshness = Brightness + Our small but potent serving means you reap the Full benefits of a high probiotic count + We always put a little sugar so that our bacteria are well-fed and healthy!

Take Classes with us at The Fermentory!

Besides Kombucha and Kefir, learn how to make your own tasty ferments at our Fermentation Workshops!



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