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Craft & Culture set up an in built kegerator for our clients and provided custom kombucha on tap to over 3000 employees. We received rave reviews from happy and satisfied employees, who look forward to our monthly new flavours when they go to work


Want to give your employees a stronger immune system for better productivity, increased focus and mental alertness to tackle the stresses of your dynamic company? (also, less sick employees)


Want healthy, low-sugar and VERY TASTY brews and fermented snacks to perk you up? Want greater vitality so you can put you best self forward to tackle your amazing job? Of course you do! 

Products & Services

  • Kombuchas on tap for one off event or on-going pantries

  • Kefirs in bottles or Froyo

  • Care Packages

    inclusive of kombucha, kefirs, kimchi, pickles that will curb the munchies without the weight gain

  • Team Bonding Events

    • Workshops for employees to relax and have a fun time learning about fermentation and food
    • Virtual Workshops with kits conveniently sent to participants ahead of time

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