Rewards & Loyalty

Rewards and Loyalty Program Craft & Culture

Rewards & Loyalty Program

A HUGE Thank you to all our customers and fans! For without the love and support from you, Craft & Culture would not have become the top probiotics brand in Singapore! We love you guys! You ROCK!

We have specially launched this Rewards & Loyalty Program as a token of appreciation for your overwhelming endorsement of our handmade brews.

How It Works

Click on the "Earn Free Brews" tab at the bottom of the screen. You will see a popup menu.

Earn Free Brews Rewards Menu

These are some of the rewards that you can earn, e.g. free bottles of kombucha or kefir, our limited edition tote bag and even vouchers! Scroll down to see more rewards! Just click on the reward that you would like to redeem.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy peasy, just click on the "earn" tab on the right of the box. You should have at least 100 points, simply by signing up an account with us. To earn more points, just click on the activity that you would like to do and accrue the points.

Earn Free Brews Earn menu

We will be adding more rewards and activities to earn the points. So be sure to check on the tab whenever you visit us! Cheerios!

Please note that the rewards system will only apply for orders placed after July 13, 2018 



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