Starter Cultures for Tempeh (Ragi)

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Cultures for Tempeh

White mould fibers connecting soy beans together

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian soy product made from fermented soybeans using rhizopus oligosporus mould. It became increasingly popular due to its delicious nutty profile and high protein content. It also has a firm and earthy flavour, which increases in intensity as it ripens. We love it especially sliced thin and fried into chips, or cubs in a lemongrass-sambal stir-fry. 

    At Craft & Culture, get our tempeh cultures to start your ferments! We also offer fermentation workshops as well! Please see here

    Famed chef David Chang of Momofuku describes it best: 
    "Microbes produce enzymes, enzymes develop amino acids, glutamic acid + aspartic acid = umami, umami = delicious."

    Recommended Usage:

    1g tempeh ragi for every 250g of dry beans or 500g cooked beans

    Basic instructions are available as a download after purchase in your online account. Please make sure to create one.


    Tempeh ragi colour differences may vary between pale beige, yellow, cream, or white. 


    Store in a cool and dry place or in the freezer. See package for best by date.


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