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Spring is in the air! While reminiscing of our past travels in Japan (around this time of year), we decided to create a "Passport to Japan" series, where this season's spotlight flavour is SakuraMatchaHoujichaPeach and Yuzu!

Sakura - Peach flavour (Kombucha, Kefir and Fermented Honey)
Sakura has a floral profile (duh) and acquires a tangy bite (and probiotics) after curing. We were blown away by how sakura complements and intensifies peach flavours even in small amounts. Unsurprisingly, this new limited edition flavour is amazing in kombucha, kefir and fermented honey! This flavour comes infused with sakura petals and bits of white peach.

 **Ps if you'd like to understand how sakura blossoms are cured or pickled, HERE's a blog post we wrote over 10 years ago, with step by step instructions on how to cure your own sakura no shiozuke.**

Flavour Profile: robust peach, notes of cotton candy and plum

Matcha and Houjicha (Kefirs)

These 2 flavours been a crowd favorite from over 3 years back and continues to be one of the most-requested menu items to bring back. Specially imported from Uji prefecture in Kyoto, our Matcha kefirs and Houjicha kefirs are rich, thick and packed with lots of antioxidants and probiotics. 

Yuzu and Peach (Kombucha)

Refreshing yuzu from Kochi prefecture in Shikoko and Momo white peach from Yamanashi prefecture started off as seasonals but evolved into regulars because you love them so much. Start your day off right with yuzu black tea kombucha and momo white peach kombucha.



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