Our Story

Craft & Culture was established in 2015, when Winnie and Zhiwei bonded over a business trip together. Both learned that they were fermentation enthusiasts, with Zhiwei focusing on milk kefir as her daughter had eczema and various food allergies.

Zhiwei found out that while probiotic capsules were useful, Milk kefir contains the most number of probiotic strains, much more than any commercially produced capsule. Since then, her daughter's rashes are much improved and goes off in a much shorter time. 

Winnie's story with probiotics and kombucha started in 2002, when she was living in the United States. As a student in the medical sciences, and long hours working at the hospital, she was plagued with personal allergy and eczema issues of her own. While on a long term prescription for oral steroids, her friends introduced her to Kombucha.

Winnie learned that 70% of one’s immune system lies in one’s gut. Connecting the dots blew her mind away. She also realized that Kombucha helped with periodic food allergies and hives and even the heat-triggered eczema she gets from being in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. 

Since starting their journey with fermented foods for almost 20 years already, Winnie and Zhiwei now make it a point to collect and consume all the probiotics out there so their gut and my health remain in tip top condition--Kimchi, kvass, kefir, sourdough, pickles, tempeh are just some of the the things they are filling their bellies with.



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