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“My interest in milk kefir started while I was researching for natural probiotics supplements for my daughter who has eczema and various food allergies.  Whilst probiotics capsules were useful and had helped her eczema a lot, nothing beats having natural probiotic food.  Milk kefir contains the most number of probiotic strains, much more than any commercially produced capsule and it’s NATURAL.

My friend gave me my first batch of kefir grains (which travelled all the way from Indonesia!) and I have never looked back since.  I have moved on to making kefir cheese, kefir butter and other various kefir incorporated food.

Kefir is also made part of our family’s breakfast routine.  So now, our breakfast consists of kefir, various fruits and superfoods such as chia seeds, acai, etc.  Healthy food can be made yummy and delicious too!

The transformation wasn’t overnight.  Now, her rashes are gone, she has got her beautiful baby skin back.  Even when she consumes food that she is allergic to, her rash does not come fast and furious anymore and goes off in a much shorter time.  I look forward to the day that she is totally free of allergies. My husband’s sinus problem has also totally stopped after a few months of consuming milk kefir every morning (I had to “gently” persuade him to eat it at the beginning.)

We have since expanded our food repertoire to other probiotic food, like Kombucha, pickled food and more.

I look forward to sharing my probiotics journey with everyone out there!”



“My story with probiotics and Kombucha started in 2007. Living in the US and studying Medical Sciences then, I had lots of friends who are naturalists and use lots of homeopathic remedies for good health and to treat ailments.

One of those friends invited me to a food workshop making sauerkraut and kombucha and I was initially drawn to the novelty of fermentation. Even though I knew probiotics are essential for gut health, it didn't really occur to me that having the correct and right amount of bacteria would translate to less illnesses and allergies! I learned that 70% of one’s immune system lies in one’s gut. Connecting the dots blew my mind away.

I've always had digestive problems and used to do a number two every other day. Needless to say, I was always feeling bloated and icky despite having lots of water and fiber in my diet. The first time I tried Kombucha, I used the loo shortly later. As I consumed consistently over the next few days I realized that I was able to go everyday. When I stopped drinking kombucha during a vacation, my problems came back. If anything, the biggest and under-rated impact of Kombucha for me is that consuming it daily helped me feel good and healthy again.

Another unexpected discovery: I felt was that Kombucha helped me with periodic food allergies and hives and even the heat-triggered eczema I get from being in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. My rashes are not as severe and now I manage a few shrimp and crabs with no collateral damage! Some of my friends also swear that they have not fallen ill since drinking Kombucha daily for the past 5 years.

Since starting my journey with Kombucha for almost 10 years already, it's one of the best discoveries and decisions I’ve made. I now make it a point to collect and consume all the probiotics out there so my gut and my health remain in tip top condition--Kimchi, kvass, kefir, sourdough, pickles, tempeh are just some of the the things I'm filling my belly with.

We have lots of cool stories, recipes to come and I want to thank you for allowing us to share our experiences with you!”



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