[New Recipe] Radish and Green Apple Kimchi

[New Recipe] Radish and Green Apple Kimchi

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Kimchi, Korea’s national food, is one of our favorite fermented foods. It contains its own type of lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus kimchii, as well as other probiotic bacteria that may benefit digestive health. Kimchi made from radish is high in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and iron!

Famed chef David Chang of Momofuku describes it best: 
"Microbes produce enzymes, enzymes develop amino acids, glutamic acid + aspartic acid = umami, umami = delicious."

How is Craft & Culture's Kimchi different?

Our kimchi is made in very small batches by hand, by the same folks who brew your favorite Kombuchas and Kefirs! 

It will be crunchy and have a distinct sweetness from the raw and active bacteria present in its fermentation! Radish kimchi has a mineral-y and clean profile and is great as a palate cleanser!

In our updated new recipe, we’ve added lactofermented green apples together and it’s super yummy!

Please note that Kimchi with external vinegar added is not considered fermented and lacks beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Benefits of Kimchi:

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Packed with beneficial probiotic bacteria thats good for the gut
  • May strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Slow ageing
  • promote weight loss
  • Support Heart Health

Yummy Recipe(s) include:

Ingredients: Radish, green apple, gochugaru, onion, garlic, spring onion, sugar, fish sauce, salted shrimp, salt, glutinous rice flour, carrot, pear

Size: 500g, cut into approximately 1.5 Inch pieces and packed in a sealed bag


As pictured. Will age and get more sour with time--this is normal and expected. Use sour aged kimchi for soups and stews


Store chilled in the fridge. May be kept for up to 2 years. See package for best by date.


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