Craft & Culture Collaborates with Takashimaya!

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Craft & Culture at Takashimaya

Craft & Culture goes to Takashimaya!

As part of Takashimaya's 25th year in Singapore, Craft & Culture was specially invited to be a part of their Health and Beauty Fair from April 18-May 6! We are one of two F&B partners invited, so we were truly honoured! 

To celebrate, we created 2 special Japanese-themed flavours, Matcha & Houjicha and also own bragging rights to the


Singapore loved it, especially the winning combination of the matcha-houjicha swirl. We had customers who came by day after day to have a serving of this delicious frosty treat, made with whole milk kefir and packed with tonnes of beneficial probiotic bacteria. You guys loved it so much we sold out within a week of the fair! (PS. Any Froyo cafes want to collaborate?)

Not forgetting our

Delicious kombuchas on tap

we had our resident bartender Aanand showing our customers how to pour a nice frosty glass--perfect for that refreshing pick-me-up! We also had some customers who came by with their glass containers to refill some booch--what a great way to reduce packaging waste!

We love talking to all of you! The fair will end soon, so make sure you pop by before it does. If you happen to have Takashimaya vouchers lying around at home, do bring them over to redeem for Craft & Culture brews! Our inventory sells out quickly, so if you know that you'll be getting any of our sampler sets or detox sets, message us on fb or email to reserve yours!

Check out some booth highlights below: 

Craft & Culture Milk Kefir Froyo First in Singapore
Our now sold out Matcha-Houjicha Milk Kefir Froyo
Craft & Culture Milk Kefir Froyo Soft Cream
Practice makes Perfect
Craft & Culture Kombucha on Tap
Our Booch on Tap... Yumm
Craft & Culture Kombucha Glass Bottle Refills Recycling
Customers bringing their containers to refill at our booth!
Craft & Culture at Takashimaya
Have Takashimaya vouchers lying at home? Come redeem them for Craft & Culture Brews!
Craft & Culture at Takashimaya
We love it when you come by and say HI! Thank you for the overwhelming response!

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