Craft & Culture x Mahota x DBS Regatta 2018!

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Craft & Culture x Mahota
Craft & Culture (Zhiwei, Winnie) and Mahota (Yong Shao, Valerie, Yong Tin) at the Booth!

Craft & Culture x Mahota x DBS!

Craft & Culture wrapped up our 1st half of 2018 with a big bang event at the DBS Marina Regatta! In collaboration with Mahota, our probiotic brews, Kombucha and Milk Kefir were featured at the specially set up food tent where all the athletes and dragon boat participants congregated to fill their tummies and quench their thirst.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal supporters who have taken the trouble to make their way down (from even as far as Sembawang) just to eat our Milk Kefir Froyo and drink our Kombucha on Tap.

Our Matcha and Houjicha (made from premium tea powder flown in from Uji prefecture in Japan) Milk Kefir Froyos were only available during our events and were wildly loved by our fans! Love ya all! 😘😘
The heavy downpour on the very first day of the DBS Marina Regatta did not dampen the spirits of the athletes and their supporters as they sought shelter at the food tent. It was a great time for us as they were boxed in and just kept on ordering food and drinks! (Thank you Rain!!)
The hot, sweltering days that followed also drove the crowd to queue up for our chilled fizzy kombuchas and ice cold milk kefir froyos.
Our booth was also smack right in the middle of the action, when Joseph Schooling made his guest appearance to demonstrate his sandwich making skills. (Yes! I'm a Joseph Schooling fangirl!) Unfortunately, there was a HUGE crowd around him and we were unable to take a photo WITH him (we took lots of photos OF him because of the strategic position of our booth). Sigh....
All in all, the DBS Marina Regatta had been wildly successful for us, so successful that Aanand had no time for his fitness regime and could only keep fit by using our 19L Kombucha kegs as weights!! (Check out our cool guy on video - Scroll down!)

We will keep you posted on our next event so that you may enjoy our limited edition Matcha and Houjicha Milk Kefir Froyos! See you at our next event!

Signing off from the Promontory @ Marina!
Craft & Culture Booth at Mahota x DBSCraft & Culture Booth at DBS Regatta
Can you Spot where our booth is?
DBS Creators Market, one night before public opening
DBS Creators Market, one night before public opening
Craft & Culture at DBS Regatta 2018
Craft Staff (Zhiwei, Aanand, Mira)
Joseph Schooling at the Event!
Joseph Schooling at the Event too!

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