Introducing Our Green Initiative - Container Refill Campaign!

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Craft & Culture Bottle Refill Recycling Campaign - Green Initiative

Bottle Refills at our Kovan Store!

When Craft & Culture started in 2016, we were the first to introduce a recycling campaign for our glass bottles before transitioning into our heavy duty PET plastic bottles, for reasons as shown here. Regardless, we wanted to contribute towards reducing plastic waste in whatever way we can so we've been secretly trying out a Bottle Refilling Scheme for the past few months with our regular customers... to great success!

If this sounds good to you, we would like to share with you our Bottle Refill Program!

Here's how you can participate: 

  1. Add at least 4 x 250 ml  bottles or 1 x 950 ml bottle of the same flavour to your shopping cart
  2. Select "Store Pickup" when you're ready to checkout, indicating your pickup date and timing (between 4.30-6.30 pm on Fridays)
    Bottle Refill Instructions -1
  3. Fill in your personal details
  4. Under Delivery Options, select "Kovan Store Pickup (Min 1L) - Bring Your Own Bottles.
    Bottle Refill Instructions -2
  5. Enter Payment Details and click "Order"
  6. During Your pickup, hand your clean bottles over to us, give us a few minutes and collect your brews!

Do Take Note: 

  • the minimum for each flavour is 1L or 4 x 250 ml bottles when you add to cart. For kefir especially, please ensure that your container has a wider mouth for ease of cleaning :) Some suggestions are our 250 ml glass bottles (for purchase at the store), the ikea bottles and jars with stopper lids as shown below. 
(Left: 1L Bottle suitable for Kombucha, Right: 1L Jar suitable for Kefir)
  • This campaign applies to ONLY Store Pickup at our Kovan address during Pickup Hours ONLY. We strongly discourage any requests for off pickup hours as we do not keep regular hours at our kitchen. Please arrange for refills on fridays between 4.30-6.30pm.
  • All bottles to be refilled need to be clean and dry and free of food waste or mould. We will not be washing your containers for you. We reserve the right to reject any unhygienic containers as our kitchen is a sterile one.
  • As the bottles are heavy weight, feel free to drive as our Kitchen is located in a building with 10 min free parking!  

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