Craft & Culture Partners with Bank of Singapore!

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Bank of Singapore has Heart!

Partnerships, collaborations, interviews, this has been a particularly "eventful" month for Craft & Culture! (If you see 2 "pandas" walking around town, well, that's us... sleep-deprived..)

This is the first year that Bank of Singapore (BOS) has started their Charity Festival and we, at Craft & Culture are proud to be part of it, doing our little bit for Charity, in providing our well-received Matcha and Houjicha Milk Kefir Froyos to the BOS staff.

Every booth was partnered with a few departments, ours were PMG, COO and Risk. There was a friendly competition among all the booths as the departments strive to do their parts for charity. They had so much faith in our healthy and delicious milk kefir froyos that we were given double the "sales target" relative to the other booths!

Bank of Singapore has Humor!

Our friends from PMG, COO and Risk went all out to "lelong" our milk kefir froyos to their colleagues, came up with all kinds of sales strategies that would have made their sales team proud of them!

"Eh, they are juggling at the pasta booth to attract people!!" They exclaimed as immaculately dressed guys at our neighbouring booth started juggling.

"We must think of something!"

Their French boss gamely declared on the spot, "I will personally deliver the froyos to the doorstep for 10 orders or more.. AND I will take off my shirt and jump into the fountain if someone puts in 50 orders or more!!" Guess what?! Immediately, orders for 10 cups poured in! Everyone (especially his subordinates) was eagerly waiting for an order of 50 cups to come in, unfortunately, no one took up the challenge.

We had a fun time with our BOS friends as they expertly cajoled their colleagues to buy the froyos, took orders from their colleagues who were too busy to come down for lunch and volunteered their most popular male and female colleagues to be delivery boys and girls.

Some of our regulars from BOS came by to say hi and actively promoted the benefits of our brews to their colleagues and friends. We appreciate their support and kind gestures!

Craft & Culture is Awesome!

So, did we hit our "sales target"? Yes we did! With many even coming back for second and even third helpings! Thanks to our BOS friends who had donated actively to charity and for being such good sport. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during this event.

Scroll down for the highlights!


Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
BOS friends actively getting their colleagues to buy froyos
Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
BOS friends having their froyos after a hard day of "sales"
Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
Proudly holding up a heavy box full of donation coupons!
Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
The most expensive delivery boy ever!
Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
Craft & Culture Team - Zhiwei and Aanand
Craft & Culture collaborates with Bank of Singapore
Who can resist our yummy milk kefir froyo??

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