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Craft & Culture with Fresh Founders Alina & Lev

Craft & Culture and Fresh Founders Alina and Lev (featuring our family member, Scoby Doo)

Craft & Culture is super excited to be collaborating with Fresh, Sephora Asia's best-selling Skin Care Brand! We have created a custom-blend of Kombucha, which will be provided during their media launch of their Kombucha Black Tea range of products in the month of January.

The media launch event was held at Como Dempsey, which boasts of a gorgeous airy space. Zhiwei and myself will be giving a short 15-20 minute sharing on Kombucha and what its all about. We arrived early to carbonate our Fresh Flavour (Mandarin Orange and Lychee) and Original Black tea kombucha kegs and got our kegerators set up. It has always been a tiny bartender dream for me to be able to dispense our brews on tap and the first restaurant we did it at was Como! We also made friends with executive chef Tim de Souza who was also a fellow booch brewer. Check out his scoby in the kitchen!

Craft & Culture at ComoCraft & Culture at Comocomo scoby

In a short span of time, the restaurant was transformed by the visual merchandising team into a gorgeous space:

craft como

of which, we had a custom-made bar for our kegerator!

Craft & Culture Singapore Kombucha | Fresh Collaboration at Como Dempsey

(Achievement unlocked)

As the evening started, we saw guests stream in. Many were local influencers, with a handful of press and PR personnel. After some mingling, Fresh Founders Alina and Lev arrived. We had such a great time talking to them and meeting the Fresh communications team from New York. Our Fresh blend Kombuchas were a hit! Alina said that they were the best they've had on their tour (no snark intended) while Lev thinks that the rose-chia kombucha is such a creative idea and they brought some home after the event. We were really inspired by how they started their brand and how they took it to such a high level. Their passion was also unmistakable and evident even after 26 years. They also gave us lots of encouragement to expand and grow.

Our segment came right after, with Zhiwei and I introducing our story, what makes us different and why our brews are awesome (plug). We also shared about the history of kombucha, it's reported health benefits and so on. After our sharing, people came up to us and said that they resonated with my personal experience of indigestion and bloating. I could go on forever on why our gut health is so important and it's always so rewarding for us when people are interested! Versus that glazed look when we geek out on facts. 

Craft & Culture and Fresh

(A humble 20 minute sharing in front of the crowd)

We also made some cool connections along the way: 

craft culture Fresh collaboration influencerscraft culture Fresh collaboration influencers

craft culture Fresh collaboration

(1: with Rebecca and Cinddie; 2: with Wendy aka Xiaxue; 3: with Fresh Singapore, Eunice, Jocelyn and Vincent)

Overall we had a blast and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the Fresh Singapore team, who were absolutely one of the nicest and professional people we've worked with so far! We have another sharing session at Sephora coming up soon, so we'll keep you posted!


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