Craft & Culture's Dispensing Kombucha on Tap! Talk of the Town!

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I have always been fascinated by the beer dispensers at bars and pubs. It feels so cool to be able to dispense the frothing, golden liquid into the beer mugs, although we typically keep our brews flat in bottles so that it is extremely convenient for our customers to bring them out for their meals or as a refreshment after a gym session.

However, kombucha on tap is definitely a huge talking point at any event.

The most recent event where we kegged our brews and dispensed them on kegerators was the FRESH press launch event at COMO Dempsey. The media and influencers were in full attendance and everyone was pretty excited to be served the brew on tap. The brew also tasted lighter with a zing on the tongue from the carbonation. Some influencers even took the opportunity to dispense the brew from the kegerator themselves! Check out Rebecca fulfilling her childhood dream of being a bartender!


Here's Winnie, adding her final touch of carbonation on our kegs. It's hard to look glam while kegging, but she did it!!

We are currently working with some corporate companies who have installed Kombucha filled kegerators in their pantries as part of their staff benefits.

One executive jokingly said that this was to keep them healthy so that they would not take MCs and decrease productivity!

Kegerators at marketing events or corporate functions are also the latest buzz.

We have been engaged to provide our brews on tap to provide a healthy non alcoholic alternative.

Kegerators at FRESH's flagship stores in Singapore.

Craft Culture Singapore Kombucha Kegerator Fresh


Our kegerator behind a gorgeously decorated made-to-measure countertop.


We welcome all enquiries from companies who would like to furnish their pantries with a regular supply of healthy probiotic brews or to hold a party or event with kombucha on tap. Even individuals who want to throw a party bash with healthy non-alcoholic booze is welcome to contact us too!

Cheers Everyone!



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