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We've been keeping this under wraps for a months now (it's killing us!) but we are ready to announce the collaboration with one of our favorite skin care brands, Fresh!

I've always known about Fresh because I used to live in Boston for over 10 years for school and work before moving back to Singapore. Fresh has its roots in Boston, and back then, as a student, I used to give Fresh soaps to my friends for birthdays and holiday celebrations as they looked really good, smelled really great and were affordable on my budget. I would stroll into the Newbury Street boutique and was always greeted with lots of friendliness and help by the beauty alchemists (term I recently learned) there. 

Fast forward to October of last year, when we were approached by Fresh Singapore to collaborate on a customized blend for the launch of Kombucha Black Tea line, I thought my Boston connection came full circle. Zhiwei and I were obviously thrilled! Fresh Inc. remains the top-selling skin care brand in Sephora Asia!

The Black Tea line was recently re-branded to include Kombucha in its name and I think it's a great idea because Kombucha now has a platform to shine. By focusing on the health benefits of Kombucha, this much talked about elixir exhibits a powerful and compelling connection between health on the inside (Craft & Culture) and beauty on the outside (Fresh Beauty)! Before, in the ingredient list, "black tea ferment" was used instead. The Kombucha Line contains Mandarin and lychee seed extract.

In developing the Fresh flavour, I tried over 30 different combinations at my lab before finding the exact taste profile both Craft & Culture, and Fresh Singapore were looking for: Main notes of Mandarin Orange, rounded off by the luscious juiciness of lychee. The brew was mellowed to remove sharp, zesty notes of citrus and the result is truly amazing! We also kegged and carbonated our brews on tap! 

Craft & Culture x Fresh Beauty Custom flavour kombuchaCraft & Culture x Fresh Beauty Custom flavour kombucha

Don't just take our word for it, head down to the Fresh Boutiques from Jan 12-28 at ION Orchard and Raffles City to have a sample yourself! At the same time, be sure to try out Fresh's Kombucha Black Tea range of skin care. We love that it makes our skin radiant and this is not because we love Kombucha! The beauty alchemists at the 2 boutiques are really sweet and ready to offer their help to you.

Craft & Culture x Fresh Beauty Custom flavour kombucha

We'll keep everyone updated over the next few days and thanks for the love!


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