Launching Pink Lychee Dream Kombucha!

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Lychee Kombucha's an unexpected Hit!

It's coming to the end of the year. This is the time when people take stock of what they have done in the current year, immerse themselves in self-reflection, set the goals for the next year and realign their visions and dreams for the future.

Just like all of you, we, the founders of Craft & Culture have a grand dream too! Our DREAM is to bring yummy, yet healthy drinks filled with the amazing probiotics and packed with live bacteria to this part of the world. It's our greatest wish to achieve this and to do so, we will need all your help and support.  We thank our regular customers who have supported us since the very first day when we started!

We concocted this Pink Lychee Dream Kombucha for all of you out there! Mild with a tinge of the sweet lychee flavour, this drink has been sampled by children and adults and has been given a thumbs up!

Get your Pink Lychee Dream Kombucha right now! May all your dreams come true!


The Craft & Culture Team

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