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Beauty is definitely more than skin deep.

Have you ever counted the number of products that you have used on your face and body every day? Skin is the largest organ of our bodies and yet, we expose it to more than 150 kinds of chemicals every day which it readily absorbs like a sponge.

Although the cosmetic companies insist that the chemicals used in their products are safe, within the safety limits of every single product, but consider the amount we use, especially, us women. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, lipstick, powder, eye care and so on and so forth. When we add up all the doses in every single skincare and cosmetic product we use, it can amount to A LOT!

Therefore, more and more Mommies and naturalists are abandoning chemical products and are actively using and promoting natural skincare products. Being a Mommy of a daughter with skin allergies, I’m definitely steering away from chemicals, especially products that I use on her.  Not only that, I am also weaning myself away from the “unnatural” products that I used to use on myself.

This is the very reason why Craft & Culture is starting our own line of natural skincare product.  In line with our slogan “Health by Design”, we want to spread the message that health starts from internally, through what we consume and extends externally, to what we apply on our bodies.

Therefore, check out our very first natural skincare product – Bright & Tight Kombucha Face Masks. Keep your bookmark on our product page as we roll out more natural products in the near future.

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