How a Simple Kombucha Balm helped me deal with my clumsiness

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If you have a friend who spills drinks, tips cups over and constantly gets into scrapes, that friend would be me. Despite trying my best, I sometimes notice tiny cuts or bruises on my hands and legs and I am none the wiser how they came to be. 

While we were developing our Kombucha Restorative Balm, I was unwittingly our Guinea Pig! I was washing dishes one time and noticed that my kitchen towel had red spots of blood.

Feeling no pain, I asked Zhiwei to be careful. With a puzzled look in her eyes, she turned to me.

It’s your finger! You’re the one with a cut!

And it was a fairly deep nick. It was that realization that brought forth a painful sting. I was bleeding!

Feeling opportunistic, I took it upon myself to try our booch balm. After a few generous swipes, the blood stopped flowing and the sting lessened. One hour later, the redness and swelling subsided (See pic above). Not too shabby. I guess booch, calendula, peppermint and lavender etc are a winning blend! 

If you’re interested in finding out, do check out our balms out at the Shop. Cuts and nicks are a newly discovered Use!



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