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As a mother of a child with food allergies which result in rashes, I can totally empathise with everyone who has to go through it – the pain, the unbearable itch and the incessant scratching which results in blood streaks.

We started researching into home made balms, so that it can be ensured that every single ingredient is natural and safe, especially for children. It has taken us a long year of research. 

We have designed the balm stick for ease of use, especially for the little ones. The stick is a good size for them to bring to school and balm application can be done effortlessly without dirty little fingers touching the cream and contaminating it.

With a careful diet, packed with probiotics and external application of the balm, my little one is free of flares and rashes. It’s my sincerest wish for everyone out there, who is inflicted with rashes, to finally be able to show the world his or her clear unblemished skin, just like her. It’s a dream come true!

Craft & Culture would like to present to you – the Restorative Booch Balm!

Kombucha has been consumed for over 2 millennia as a restorative elixir for boosting immunity and promoting good skin health. Now, Craft & Culture is bringing it one step further with our 100% Natural Restorative Booch Balm! Antioxidants and probiotic enzymes in Kombucha relieve irritations and restore skin to its healthy state. Combined with well-known soothing ingredients like organic calendula and our anti-inflammatory essential oil blend, our Booch Balm provides targeted superior relief for troubled skin!

All ingredients, including preservatives and emulsifiers, used by Craft & Culture are premium food-grade. 

We are currently taking in pre-orders for the Restorative Booch Balm. Do head down to our shop and get a stick for yourself.

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